The beginnings of Vulcan Innova were simple. It started with an idea for a watch winder, which quickly became an obsession. There has always been beauty in form through function; objects taking shape through purpose, calculations taking life to better the human condition. So much of the technicality and engineering feats of the modern world are created and supports our daily life but passes us by, quietly and thanklessly. Vulcan Innova seeks to celebrate and challenge the designed world, to reinvigorate and present a new perspective of the world we live in.

Winder Engine

The watch winder is a mechanical pedestal for which one maintains a curated collection of horological machines. In its simplest form, a watch winder is a box. What better way to celebrate one of mankind’s most fruitful feats of engineering, the internal combustion engine, than to re-imagine and repurpose it as a maintainer of another modern technical marvel, the purely mechanical, self winding watch.